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First Theme 4.10.2015

Hi, We’re Wordica. A wordpress theme agencyYou can find Our products on every big digital web store. Check what and where You can buy!

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We also remove our items from shapebootstrap after very naughty support behavior. They have ...
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Wrapbootstrap – truth…
We try to add products to wrapbootstrap but this is Our experience: - We had ...
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Still waiting for…
Yes, We will have Our first product after long break on ThemeForest.net but it ...
themeforest wordpress queue
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New Application created…
Hello, After quite long break I start to create new app in Ruby on Rails ...
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Why Our Prices are soo low? Because We sell only in best shops which do not take 50% commision per sale. That's because You won't find lower prices. You can buy WordPress Themes even for 20$! stock photography from 2$ for biggest 16MPX resolution image.

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We do not sell items directly. Every Our products on this page can be easly purchased on most popular online shops. What does this means? This is guarantee of product quality! Most popular shops do not sells products from lower quality programmers or graphic designers

As We said earlier, Wordica.net is not a online shop. We selling products on biggest worldwide graphics, themes, programming shops. This gives You warranty that our products are of good quality. And Yes, we just start with Our new site soo it will be some time before the clad side in the content, advices or free downloads. But after all, we invite you to frequently having to dig into our "no shop" :-)