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We try to add products to wrapbootstrap but this is Our experience:

– We had accepted 4 sites in January which waiting for bug checks
– After half year We decided to remove sites and account ( 180 days waiting for second review )
– After next few months we open second account and add that same pages, their where rejected because of design quality 🙂

So what conclusions? Wrapbootstrap is some kind of fake site. I know people which add there stolen pages and they were accepted. James which is owner of this site, haven’t got any knowledge about templates market and trends.This is one person business! If You do not want got spam on Your email address, do not want that someone will stolen Your work – do not add works there. For a half year I can’t delete my personal data from this page. Right now my lawyer deals with the application for compensation for unjustified processing of personal data.

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